• Cranes

    Cranes Alkrinat From 2 tons to 600 tons

  • Altrellat Allowabd

    Hdrelik even load 160 tons

  • Albuqlinat

    Demolition and excavation and extensions

  • Aldricktorat

    Different Sizes

  • Bulldozers

    Different Sizes

  • Alchiolat

    Different Sizes


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About Us

About Us

To be market leaders to provide general contracting and construction cranes and heavy equipment of high and new technology offers the best and the least prices. To achieve our vision we are striving to develop ourselves and our equipment to provide modern cranes of various types and sizes of our customers we are aware that a fundamental goal we aspire to, because our vision is to provide the best services at the lowest prices, specifications, and that is our goal in the past and Mansay to maintain in the future, God willing.

Al-Ahmad Al and heavy equipment for decades and is working with a wide range of customers so we thank God and a key partner in the most vital projects and become a genuine shareholder in the infrastructure of Maclp of Saudi Arabia. We have extensive experience in the rental of cranes and their operation and maintenance of all sizes and types, We worked with most of the companies and projects and the expansion of the Two Holy and holy feelings Alinvzip and projects, factories and other ... See pictures of us to learn more.